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Just started working on new songs. Dont know the result of these yet though.

Do anyone need lyrics??

2009-02-06 04:20:55 by Frostvind666

I´ve got a bunch of lyrics on my computer that I´m thinking of deleting. So I ask all Newground users if they want some.. They are all Black/Death metal but there are exceptions.
Just say and I´ll send them to you if you want them that is.

I´ve been used

2009-02-06 04:06:19 by Frostvind666

I saw a flashgame with my music... And I can´t get it into my head. I thanked the author for using my music in a flash. What do you Newground users think of my music?? It includes the instrumental ones too.

Reviews or music ???

2008-11-09 14:33:02 by Frostvind666

Don´t know if I should make music or if I should only review music?

Here once again. Creating music or should I say experimets instead... HAHAHAHAHA !!!
In my absence I have tried to develop my voice and style of music (metal) sort of.

I`m BACK !!!

2008-06-03 15:18:53 by Frostvind666

I´m back again.

Sorry to say this

2008-01-08 09:31:45 by Frostvind666

I won´t be able to access newgrounds for some time. But don´t despair. I´ll be back

Short About Me

2007-11-26 12:42:27 by Frostvind666

First of all I want to say that I don´t have any experience in playing any instrument. And I have never taken vocal lessons in my entire life. So if you listen , vote and review my music works please keep that in mind next time you listen to them.

I DON´T WANT ANY PITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X-Mas Songs

2007-11-26 12:41:49 by Frostvind666

I´ve just begun to make X-mas songs. Sick and twisted as myself. Hope you like them !!!!!!!

Evil , Mad and really Pissed

2007-11-24 17:32:51 by Frostvind666

I´m mad cause I can´t find any inspiration to my songs anymore. And I´m planning on doing a X-mas song in my own sick and twisted way. But without inspiration I think that it would be a waste of time doing such a thing. So I turn my back to ALL NG users for help and giving inspiration to a sick and twisted X-mas song FrostVind style.